Occasional bursts of factory noise, industrial rumblings and disembodied german voices form the backdrop to a minimalist reworking of Kafka's "The Trial."
An album of dense filmic atmospheres and orchestral instrumentation.

r e v i e w s :
"Posesses the power & imagination lacking in many official soundtracks. Move over Elfman & Kamen." - TEQ, UK
"Blunt musical structures with a breathtaking impact on your soul." - Audioview, belgium

music - darrin verhagen.
arranged, performed and produced by darrin verhagen and francois tétaz.

t r a c k l i s t :
01. the assessor.(3:37)
02. stepping from routine.(4:26)
03. blue octavo notebooks.(1:49)
04. threats and violence.(2:56)
05. proceedings.(4:05)
06. lips of the guilty.(3:21)
07. a promise and a lecture.(5:04)
08. an awful autumn.(3:10)
09. degrees of acquittal.(5:01)
10. the fabric of guilt.(2:30)
11. the invisible architect.(3:59)
12. paynes grey.(2:34)
13. the parable.(5:02)
14. vogelfrei I & II.(6:42)