The long awaited close of the highly acclaimed trilogy. Dark postclassical compositions, alternating between poignantly lyrical and furiously dramatic, set amongst disturbed supernatural soundscapes, and an unsettling cinematic sound design.

r e v i e w s :
'The Witch Haven' is the final piece in Shinjuku Thief's 'Witch' trilogy, and like the other releases in the series, it submerges the listener into a world choking on religious zeal and ancient superstition. Ghouls and lynch mobs roam this countryside at night, lurching over plague corpses and pagan altars.
The music is darkly orchestral, shifting from hauntingly romantic and expressive to violent and hideously absurd. Shinjuku Thief (Darrin Verhagen) builds on this uneasy balance with rich textures from acoustic instruments, such as the clarinet, viola and trumpet, setting a palpable evil to lurk in the tracks.
On 'Waking at dusk' the wails and whines from trumpet and strings are like cries emanating from an unkempt cemetery, with piano notes falling like raindrops on the tombstones.

t r a c k l i s t :
01. waking at dusk.(3:24)
02. edge of the wilderness/black cockerel white stick.(6:26)
03. the witches' ladder.(3:14)
04. the gestation of elben.(2:41)
05. a red room/a slow dance.(4:41)
06. five dark corners.(1:45)
07. father of lies.(2:00)
08. the spores of death.(2:54)
09. the white lady.(3:37)
10. procession of souls.(3:24)
11. sign of the black eagle.(2:07)
12. an event on the commons at dusk.(4:10)
13. a tavern of midwives.(1:13)
14. the night child.(1:55)
15. es ist ein ros' entsprungen.(3:00)
16. blood and fat.(1:50)