A classic gothic industrial album paying homage to german expressionist film of the 1920's and supernatural horror from the 1500's. Dark orchestral timbres set into rich soundscapes, interspersed with outbursts of violence and power.

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r e v i e w s :
"Essential...masterpiece" - Crewzine, Slovakia
"Highly recommended" - EST, UK
"Bizarrely enticing" - Alternative Press, USA
"Excellent work on a biblical scale" - Audiodrudge, USA
"Genius album. Mega recommended" - Fight Amnesia, Germany
"A marvellous euphoric creation!" - Audioview, Belgium

music composed and performed by darrin verhagen.
produced by francois tétaz and darrin verhagen.

t r a c k l i s t :
01. tollkorn.(4:53)
02. waltz of the midwives.(2:42)
03. the witch hammer.(1:55)
04. smell of nightfall.(3:26)
05. a midnight mass.(4:05)
06. wolfzahn.(4:52)
07. poena damni.(6:40)
08. trespassing the gates.(3:56)
09. the darkened psalm.(3:03)
10. totenheer.(5:00)
11. burkhardt of worms.(2:17)
12. flight of the screech owls.(3:52)
13. warm as blood beneath the clods.(5:10)
14. in the path of walpurga's ashes.(5:46)