So this is the way the label ends...

Not with a bang, nor a whimper, but a seductive arrangement of low-frequency drones, and lush atmospheric textures....

black ice - the searing pain, black frost - the considered antidote, matte black - final release.

Shinjuku thief flatline dorobo with their most restrained and subtle work to date. It shares with the band's backcatalog the sense of a rich narrative world, but eschews both familiar theatrical touchstones (in orchestral arrangements and sound design choices) as well as any overt sense of musicality. Instead, we're presented with a territory lying midway between thomas koner's aural restraint and lustmord's rich eye for distant drama.

Matte black may well run with Bach's assessment of us wandering in darkness, consumed by fire, but the


t r a c k l i s t :
01. time.(3:03)
02. status.(6:00)
03. value.(7:50)
04. space.(5:22)
05. form.(4:23)
06. texture.(4:20)
07. line.(3:04)
08. station.(4:20)
09. .../infra red.(4:37)

flatlined by darrin verhagen.
engineered by byron scullin.
mastered by francois tétaz.