For the second release in the "witch" trilogy, shinjuku thief descend further into the nightmare world of medieval superstition, paranoia and vengeance. East european violin, reflective passages of brooding ambience and occasional moments of hope are undercut by sheer orchestral violence and a chillingly bleak filmic landscape.

r e v i e w s :
"Overwhelming...gorgeous. If only most classical music could mean as much as this. I think this guy should be shipped off to LA to show mr ravel a thing or two." - the Wire, UK
"A work of discipline and assurance and no little beauty, given an added dimension by its mysterious subtexts of found sounds and radio interference. Indispensable." - the Wire, UK (yearly wrap-up 1995)
"Like it's predecessor, a marvelously evocative album." - Al Crawford, USA
"Enchanting, bewitching, darkness unveiled. Essential" - Dark Angel, AU
"Top 10, office ambience 1995" - the Wire, UK

composed, arranged, and performed by darrin verhagen.
mastered by francois tétaz.

t r a c k l i s t :
01. prelude-in the wake of walpurga's ashes.(5:12)
02. a black furrow.(4:25)
03. cobwebs and vinegar.(3:01)
04. shadow path.(3:54)
05. a swim at night.(4:23)
06. the second dream.(5:08)
07. blue flame.(3:54)
08. smoke and ice.(4:04)
09. marias' shirt.(2:04)
10. berserkir.(4:54)
11. the witch hunter.(5:44)
12. four ember weeks of ecstatic sleep.(6:21)