Originally composed for a controversial staging of the classic greek tragedy, "Medea" is shinjuku thief's most dramatic, dynamic and sinister work to date. Notwithstanding its extreme violence, it might also be one of their most beautiful.

Fragile melodies sung by boy sopranos float above demonic choirs and malevolent orchestras only to be ripped apart by screaming sheets of industrial noise.

Oscillating between lush musical seduction and a level of brutality as yet unprecedented across the band's backcatalog, "Medea" will appeal to fans running the gambit of dead can dance, raison d'etre and in slaughter natives in one corner to merzbow, and brighter death now in the other.

t r a c k l i s t :
01. lachrymosa/the moan is loss.(3:23)
02. a possibility, a room.(3:09)
03. city of the future.(4:35)
04. un-think.(7:27)
05. sailing without a map.(3:32)
06. miserere.(3:27)
07. medea of nowhere.(3:24)
08. sullied flesh (frozen pain).(2:12)
09. agnus dei.(6:05)
10. catastrophe.(4:34)