Leaving aside the sheer viciousness of “Black Ice”, the delicate abstraction of “Black Frost” and the calm asphyxiation of his “Matte Black” albums, Darrin Verhagen on his latest release re-embraces all the dramatic theatricality his Shinjuku Thief project is best known for.
Hovering midway between gothic orchestral horror and contemporary cinematic narrative, “Sacred Fury” presents us with a score from the midst of judgment. Reflective cinematic odes are strafed by brutal sound design, whilst elsewhere, bombastic homages to In Slaughter Natives pound out a march to the apocalypse in 31 beats.
This is the quintessential soundtrack for when all your best military plans turn to shit in your hands, and each new oncoming palletload of reason, ideology and faith seems more combustible than the last.

r e v i e w s :
The cinematic theme of Sacred Fury is war and, after the quiet "Prologue," the opening of "Lesion" builds like an roaring ball of fire into an explosive combat zone, dropping the listener into the center of a war-torn city.

t r a c k l i s t :
01. prologue.(1:01)
02. lesion.(4:24)
03. rupture.(1:48)
04. black rope hell.(3:30)
05. voitive offerings.(1:46)
06. burning heat.(2:14)
07. firejar hell.(4:12)
08. the avici/hell of no interval.(3:05)
09. three pints of fluid.(2:35)
10. sacred fury.(3:48)
11. water tinctured with soot.(2:55)
12. balm.(1:23)
13. reverie.(3:31)
14. suture.(2:17)
15. epilogue.(1:13)
16. and reason.(1:30)