vault infiltration done in night vision goggles that is accompanied by brass, strings and whispered electronics for "Operation Penlight." The grand ambience of "Azoic Zone" fills your headspace with the luminous realization of the Master Plan -- the scattered spray of light across the face of the monolith that will change the face of the world in one swift stroke -- and the electronics twinkle and dapple like falling stars against a stately percussive rhythm. The action/shootout sequence of "Twelve Agents" with its percolating drum and bass accelerate into the frenzied brass section tension of "Time Limit" before, well, you know, the eventual reversal of fortune through sexy betrayal ("Her Fingerprint"). The mood turns somber and introspective as events run through "A False Ending," "A Break, A Small Lie" and "Ice Fragments" to the delicate piano and woodwind elegy across wintery ambience of "A Calm Death." Is this the end for Secret Agent Man?

Action, danger, misfortune, disaster: the hallmarks of an exciting spy drama. Verhagen captures it all in personalized sonic glory with d/classified. Admittedly my life is extremely mundane and the only espionage I get to perform is sneaking an extra cookie after lunch.
However, with d/classified on my headphones, I am a super spy. Even if it is just on the inside.

Mark Teppo - Igloo