Unreleased soundtrack for computer game.

r e v i e w :
The long-awaited Dorobo 007 (released primarily as a promotional CD with the black | mass set) is an unreleased video game soundtrack assembled long before sharp-eyed video game hipsters thought it would be clever to have Amon Tobin score the latest Splinter Cell game. Verhagen's collection of soundtrack music fits in the same covert ops framework and is a collection of 20 tracks that follow the elusive and high octane adventure of an unnamed spy. Coupled with attendant notes (comments like "thematic low-key drama, action:shootout, suspicion/a dawning realization and aquatic ambience/Stromberg" keep the mood intact), the music plays out like your own personal espionage soundtrack.

There's the James Bond style "Operation Paperclip," an electronica 'n' brass ode to corporate espionage (with a dash of high tech gadgetry and surreptitious security circumvention); the lost innocence of "Fourteen Layers of Deceit" as performed by triangle, light electronic percussion and string section; and the subterranean

t r a c k l i s t :
01. primary procedure.(1:07)
02. operation paperclip.(3:41)
03. smear and liability.(4:27)
04. fourteen layers of deceit.(2:10)
05. a preliminary briefing.(3:14)
06. operation penlight.(2:43)
07. operational form.(4:21)
08. azoic zone.(4:01)
09. three phone calls.(3:38)
10. voiceover.(2:02)
11. twelve agents.(1:53)
12. time limit.(1:42)
13. her fingerprint.(2:14)
14. operation firefly.(1:56)
15. a false ending.(1:38)
16. a break, a small lie.(5:37)
17. operational precision.(1:51)
18. ice fragments.(3:48)
19. a calm death.(3:21)
20. d/classified.(4:03)