If 'black ice' delivered the 'searing pain upon arrival' to the black|mass trilogy, 'black frost' serves as something of a gently uncomfortable antidote. Bordered by lowercase, delicate electroacoustic, sinecore and glitch terrain, frost presents material considered, precise yet modest in tone.

r e v i e w s :
Intended as a slightly uncomfortable antidote to the searing blast of Black Ice, the tracks of Black Frost are frigid explorations of finely gradiated tones and glitch elements. Best heard on a heavy pair of noise-canceling headphones, Black Frost is microtonal music for the isolation tank, the long distances between stars, and the endless slow descent into fathomless ocean depths. Changes in the sine tones and in the miniscule pulses of sound are a delicate symphony for hummingbirds and bats, sonic chirps and hiccups that occur on such a fragmentary level as to be nearly invisible. "As Secondary Infection" is like listening to the sound of crickets trying to whisper and the minute winds caused by the hum of stars twinkling in the sky.


t r a c k l i s t :
01. x-rays.(4:09)
02. chloroform.(2:57)
03. suture.(5:27)
04. titanium pins.(4:15)
05. secondary infection.(3:51)
06. .../white night.(28:00)
07. ...and absorbed selenium.(8:20)