Two recent dance soundtracks from the schizophrenic mousepad of dorobo supremo. "Zero" skitters from seductive soundscapes spiked with violent techno eruptions, fractured and edgy drum and bass, through to super cool glitched funk. Stung's etymological approach to detail renders it a little more "lower-case" than its partner, with it's exoskeletal crunchiness softened by a more lyrical use of rhythm, texture and melody. An album bordered by the distant threat of "raised by wolves" and the considered subtlety of "p3", "zero/stung" ultimately rests as an album more unashamedly enjoyable than either.

A limited edition pressing of 1000 only, reversible metallic cyan artwork to represent either album, and the drop-dead design sexiness you've come to expect...

t r a c k l i s t :
01. edge effect.(7:05)
02. loup alloy.(3:42)
03. -.(2:22)
04. trismus.(4:09)
05. e.b.(2:59)
06. parataxis.(5:09)
07. zone melting.(2:22)
08. ground.(5:10)
09. .(6:02)
10. ..(3:54)
11. ...(2:06)
12. ....(1:50)
13. .....(4:12)