Verhagen's new soundtrack throws caution to the wind and rips out the pancreas with a grapefruit knife. Massive industrial dance grooves underpin vicious soundscrape cut-ups scanning from italian short wave transmissions through australian police CB confusion. Power mix of industrial, rock distortions, passages of disturbed strings, and the shinjuku filth approach to sonic slash and flame make this soundtrack just as comforting as the theatrical production.

Limited edition - 1000 copies.

composed & performed by darrin verhagen.
mastered by franc tétaz.
all tracks (c)+(p) shinjuku filth 1997.

t r a c k l i s t :
01. the cockroach sex.(4:23)
02. the credit sequence.(2:43)
03. the galaxy.(3:04)
04. the birth.(1:38)
05. the revision.(2:57)
06. the art.(5:00)
07. the sale.(3:10)
08. the earnest exchange of ideas.(5:02)
09. the match.(2:50)
10. the car.(1:25)
11. the... erm, "repository of consequences" (ah, so to speak).(3:20)
12. the pitch.(0:19)